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In fulfilment of the commitment to the United Nations International Decade for Action on Water for Sustainable Development, AeroNero Solutions Private Limited has been working on producing new green technology solution - atmospheric water generators - for generating and providing access to clean, safe, and affordable high-quality drinking water.

Aeronero Competitors
Cost per liter 0.02$ 0.03$
Power consumption w/l 224 Watts/liter 340 Watts/liter
Production liters / day 10-1000 20-800
Final product Alkaline mineralised drinking water Drinking water
Machine price from Rs 24000 from Rs 65000

Since 2018, the journey of in partnership with

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Our Story

Fourteen years ago, Durga was keen to explore a new technology that made water from the air. Few experiments were done and few machines were installed but the idea was too early to take forward to implement large scale solutions to meet the need for water. The country still heavily relied on wells, bubble tops and water from the corporation.

As the whole city of Chennai reeled under the floods in 2015, there was a severe drinking water shortage which paved the way for the next invention. Deriving inspiration from the desert beetles, the technology behind Aeronero bio-mimicked the concept and developed the first prototype of the atmospheric water generator, that created water from humidity in the air.

The Concept of Atmospheric Water Generation is not new, however, the Innovative Technology of the Aeronero machines is quite unique. The Technology is unique in the efficiency, capacity, cost, filtration system, minerals cartridges as well as the variation in the climate and geographic areas that it can be in.

In 2018, Durga along with Dr. Kumar together to implement pilots across the country to gather data and build efficiencies in the solution. Come March of 2019 they came together to form Aeronero, a for profit social enterprise to bring to the world solutions that are affordable and sustainable. Enabling independence has been the aim of every invention so far and Aeronero has kept that promise, removing the need for any external source of water.


Durga Das
Durga Das

Founder / CEO

Born in India and living and working in Silicon Valley for twenty plus years in technology inculcated in me the desire and passion to give back. I wanted to make a difference in people's lives. Water is capable of creation and destruction. Humanity has depleted the source of groundwater with carelessness and irresponsibility. I wanted to cause a change. Aeronero is a social enterprise that will continually innovate and work on technologies and solutions that will deliver mankind from water-related issues.


Bob Murari
Bob Murari
Nikhil Agarwal
Nikhil Agarwal
Anand Saklecha
Anand Saklecha
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Aeronero certification
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