Frequently Asked Questions

How does water come from Air?

Air carries humidity. Once the air passes inside the machine it goes through a series of the patented cooling chamber to condense the water which si separate air from humidity and as a result water is generated.

Is it safe to drink?

Yes. It's totally safe, tested and approved. As per (IS) Indian Standard of drinking water and (BIS) Bureau of Indian Standard we are certified with IS 10500 standard every year. We are also compliant with WHO standards.

Does it require water as input?

No. Its just a plug and play product and all it requires is electricity and air.

Is there any added benefit compared to regular drinking water?

Yes. Our machines produce water output which is measured between PH 7.0 to 8.0 and TDS 50- 100. Technically its an Alkaline drinking water and excellent for building immunity.

Apart from generating water what are the other benefits?

We have a Carbon and dust filter which removes the pollutants in the air. For high polluted areas we have HEPA filters integrated which removes all the fine particles present in the air.

What happens to Air if we suck out water from it?

Research indicate that about 13 sextillion (10²¹) liters of water available in the atmosphere at any given time. And this is a recyclable natural resources we can't deplete it.

Is it Eco friendly and does it support the environment?

Yes. As a result of producing water from air, we are not depleting ground water or other sources of water and there is no outlet for water wastage in purification as in RO.

What if I place the machine in an enclosed area with no ventilation?

We suggest it works best in a place with good ventilation for constant water generation.

Is it advisable to place the machine in an A/C room?

No. We don't advise to place the machine in an enclosed A/C room as it requires fresh air intake for constant water generation. IT will still produce water but will not meet the specified output.

What if I place the machine in a low humid area?

For low humid areas, water generation will be comparatively slow. We bifurcate regions based on humidity as in LOW 20 to 40, MID 40 to 60, HIGH 60 to 80. For regions falling under LOW humid area we only recommend to run the machine during night till mid morning. For MID and HIGH humid areas there is no specific time to run the machines but for optimal output we suggest to run during late evening till mid morning.

What is best practice and optimal setting to extract the best out of the machine?

For best practice keep the machine in a good ventilated area. And for optimal setting that consumes low power and delivers higher output of water we recommend to run the machine during late evening till mid morning.

What if my water consumption is more and running the machine ideally only during nights is not sufficient, does this mean I am consuming too much power?

Absolutely no. Even then you will be consuming regular power as per your particular model specifications. The optimal setting applies only to extract more water with comparatively lesser power consumption. Just like battery saving mode on your smartphones and Eco driving modes on vehicles.

What is the range of your products?

We have products ranging from 5L up to 5000L. Refer to for more info or call our toll free number 1800 102 0663.